How long is treatment?

We offer 7 day detox, 30 day PHP, 90 day IOP.

Can family visit me while I am in treatment?

Yes family is allowed to visit. We offer family therapy as well.

Will I be able to work while in treatment?

It is of the best interest to allow allocate time in your schedule to focus on your recovery.

How many beds are available?

We are a small treatment facility. We may house approx. 25 residents at a given time.

Where is the treatment center located?

We are located on the eastern coast of Florida approx. 65 miles North of West Palm Beach, Florida.

What is the age group of individuals attending treatment?

Our program consists of individuals of all age groups.

Is there a beach nearby?


How many therapists do you have?

We currently have 3 therapists available.

What insurances are accepted?

We accept most major insurance companies. See our Home Page or Services Page for details.

Can mail be sent to the treatment center on my behalf?


What’s the best airport nearby?

Orlando International and Palm Beach International

Do you provide transport to and from airport?


What kind of clothing should I bring?

Whatever it takes for you to be in comfort.

Is my cell phone allowed?

No. (Under special circumstances we may make arrangements.)

Can I bring my prescribed medications?

This is based on certain circumstances.

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